Price Table GiD 13

GiD 13 Version
Prices in Euros
all organizations with primary activities other than educational
schools, universities and other educational organizations
Download Price
(including electronic version of user’s manual)
Physical USB device not included
Local* 1600 € Local* 550 €
USB* 2000 € USB* 700 €
Floating* 2290 € Floating* 800 €
Airmail order
Include user manual booklet and a USB memory stick
+95€ over download price
(worldwide shipping included)
+95€ over download price
(worldwide shipping included)
Upgrade options
Over licence’s price.
Manuals, memory sticks not included.
From GiD 12 : 60% Discount
From GiD 11 : 25% Discount
From GiD 10 or older : 5% Discount
(user + reference + customization)
95 €
  • * “Local” is a licence for a single PC, “USB” is a Portable USB licence associated to a specific memory stick, “Floating” is a licence for networks. More info here.
  • Current version in sale: Version 14.
  • VAT if aplicable, is not included.
  • Prices are per unit licence.
  • GiD licences have an unlimited duration for one specific computer. Changes of licence to a different computer are excepcionally allowed only within the first year after purchasing the licence.
  • Special discounts can be obtained when ordering multiple licences.
    • 2-5 licences: 10%
    • 6-10 licences: 15%
    • 11-15 licences: 20%
    • 16 licences and more: 25%
  • Classroom licence: Special discounts are offered for more than 20 for University licenses.
  • Prices are the same for all platforms (Windows, Linux, macOS).

Current version Price table
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