GiD image contest 2010

We have a ‘500GB multimedia hard drive’ which we want to give away. With this hard drive you can experience your favorite films and series.

To select the lucky person we have thought of a simulation images contest, which should be created with GiD. The winner will get this fabulous ‘500GB multimedia hard drive’ as prize.

Contest conditions:

  1. everyone can take its chance in this contest, but the people of the GiD team;
  2. the images should be created with GiD, and can be both from preprocessing and postprocessing, from geometry, mesh, graphs, results, textures or a composition of them;
  3. the images should be send with lossless compression (TIFF, PNG) and in two versions: a screen resolution version and, at least, a 300dpi/A4 version;
  4. every person can send as much as three different images;
  5. the mail should be sent to ‘‘, with the images attached ( screen resolution and 300 dpi/A4 resolution), the Name of the Author, a brief description and the name of the company or institution;
  6. dates:September the 30th, 2010 –> last day to submit images to the contest;October the 15th, 2010 –> finding of the jury ( formed by the GiD team) and communication of the winner;
  7. by sending the mail with the images to ‘‘, the author of the images agrees to yield the rights of the sent images to the GiD team, so that the images, together with the name of the author, can be freely used and with no limits;
  8. the winner will be contacted by CIMNE to deliver the prize.

Good luck,

The GiD team