New GiD 7.6.0b beta version

Available for Windows and Linux a new GiD 7.6.0 beta version. Version news are:

  • Selection filter by condition fields
  • Updated mesh menus for semi-structured meshes
  • Option to reload the last model when restarting
  • Save and restore the project view
  • New style to draw volume elements without need to see the mesh boundary
  • Enhanced menus: (more logical location/name, disable/enable color by context, added icons)
  • Unload problemtype
  • Mesh errors enhanced: can reopen this window, better messages
  • RamDebugger provided inside GiD (F12 to open), sharing all needed packages
  • New installation program
  • Multiple mesh support (read, cuts, animations,etc.)
  • Coloured streamlines according to the vector used for the streamline or any other result
  • Changed the algorithm of stream lines to a five order Runge-Kutta and for triangles

It can be downloaded from here.