GiD version 10.1.2d available

Since 2010, the 15th of December GiD version 10.1.2d available for Linux, MS Windows and Apple’s Mac OS X

Some of the new features and corrected bugs included in this version are:

  • Faster drawing of meshes and new render options
  • Improvements in the new isosurface volume mesher
  • Default colour for Layer0 changed from green to grey
  • New plug-ins mechanism in post-process, based in dynamic libraries, to import mesh and results in several formats
  • Improvements in the postprocess’ results cache mechanism, to load tons of results in a simple pc
  • Options to extract boundaries and separate connected components in postprocess

Check the What is new… entry inside the Help menu of GiD.

Click here to download the latest GiD developer version appropiate for your system.