New GiD developer version 13.1.9d

A new developer version have been released. GiD13.1.9d is ready to download from our webpage.

Check¬†what’s new in this version:


  • Fixed bug in unstructured quadrilateral mesher that made GiD crashes in some cases where the surface to mesh had holes.
  • Added some check in octree volume mesher when there are forced points inside volumes, to avoid pathological situations that may lead the program to crash. These pathological situations happens when a forced point suposed to be inside a volume is actually onto some of its contour surfaces.


  • New plugin ‘gid_slippy’ and gid_map package to import topography from tile map servers
  • New tcl GiD_Project subcommand¬†GiD_Project view ?clip_planes_x |clip_planes_y| clip_planes_z| clip_planes_margin| rotation_vector| rotation_factor |rotation_matriz| rotation_center| perspective_distance| perspective_ortho_near| perspective_ortho_far| perspective_factor| perspective_view| view_mode| render_mode| ligth_vector?
  • New tcl GiD_OpenGL draw subcommands to allow handle textures: -gentextures -deletetextures -bindtexture
  • togl widget renamed to gid_togl (to avoid name conflict with tcl3d package) and added drawing callbacks to be defined in Tcl instead of C (-createcommand, -displaycommand, -reshapecommand, -destroycommand, -overlaydisplaycommand, -timercommand)
  • GiD_Info conditions -localaxes: new¬†-array¬†option to efficiently return as arrays the ids and values of local axes
  • New¬†GiD_Info library names|version|format_version <library_name>
  • GiD_ModifyData localaxis <condition_name> ?geometry|mesh? <entity_ids…> <entiy_euler_angles…>
  • GiD_Geometry list¬†new option¬†?-material <id_material>?¬†to filter the selection
  • New Tcl¬†GiD_Event_BeforeOpenFile
  • Predefined procedure to be used to select a group in a question as¬†TKWIDGET: GidUtils::TkwidgetGetGroupname
  • gid_cross_platform::run_as_administrator, return process exit value
  • Fixed bug changing field values with units of a just renamed material
  • Avoid crash of buffer overflow with too long questions in some special case