New developer version GiD 13.1.6d

The new GiD13.1.6d is ready to download for all platforms from our webpage.

Check what’s new in this version:


  • macOS: Fixed problems with mouse wheel events in Mac os X.
  • Labels: Fixed error when drawing labels on nodes. Labels are also drawn in geometry render modes for the visualized entities.
  • Fonts: default quality setting changed to ‘sharp edges’. Also the default fonts are changed to GiD ones.


  • Isostufing volume mesher removed (octree must be used instead)
  • Create points from selection of nodes


  • Spaceball / Mouse 3D: Fixed problems with spaceball events
  • Contour Legends: Now their height can be modified through the preferences window, Preferences–>Postprocess–>Legend options. The height can be adjusted in absolute pixels or relative height %.
  • Delaunay:
    • corrected crash when using the ‘Cull big elements’ filter’;
    • corrected the ‘single mesh for all points’ options;
    • elements of the new created meshes are now renumbered;
    • the setting PostDelaunayCullBigElements is now also in the preferences window.


  • Deprecated bitmaps folder deleted
  • GiD_Thumbnail new option: to get the current view in vectorial format GiD_Thumbnail get_vectorial STL|VRML
  • WarnWinText: added contextual menu with options to change the font size of displayed text, switch between proportional or fixed spacing and reset to original font.