New version GiD 13.1.5d

A new developer version have been released. GiD13.1.5d is ready to download for all platforms from our webpage.

Discover what’s new in this version:


  • Draw groups by color enhanced


  • Labels: now geometry labels are also drawn in render flat (for lines and surfaces), render smooth (for surfaces) modes and any user/custom defined render modes.
  • Automatic creation of contact surfaces and contact volumes.


  • Undefined results + VBO + Contour Fill: corrected error when drawing nodes without results, they were drawn using the out-of-minimum color, now they are drawn transparent, like with other rendering methods and previous versions. This also applies for result surface extrusion result visualization.
  • Results cache: corrected crash when using relative filenames in batch files and changing the current working directory and using results cache.
  • Contour Ranges: corrected the problem that caused that the text entires in the legend were cut and overdrawn.
  • Legend in external window: solved problem that ignore the current legend format.
  • “Send to new set”: corrected crahs when moving prisms and points to new sets.


  • GiD_Event_AfterDeleteInterval
  • ChangeMainWindowTitle: new event to capture when GiD changes the main window title.
  • GiD_Geometry list new optional flag ?-higherentity <num_higher>? to filter entities with this amount of parents