New version GiD 13.1.4d

A new developer version have been released. GiD13.1.4d is ready to download for all platforms from our webpage.

Discover what’s new in this version:


  • MS Windows file dialog box: remote folders shown properly in the folder list combobox, with their own icons.
  • Resize graphical window: corrected resize when layer and problem-type panels were embeded in main window.
  • Macros: respect the order of the default macros when merging them with the user’s ones to build the macro icon bar.
  • Fullscreen: corrected problem when Quitting with Control-Q/Command-Q accelerator.
  • Multiple Windows: options moved as sub-menu in the top menu bar.


  • Fixed bug intersecting lines
  • Avoid error writting a batch file named UNKNOWN


  • PLY export:
    • correction: now result names are enclosed in double quotes instead of using percent encoding,
    • correction: removed repeated face properties that halves the number of faces,
    • new: now the current contour fill nodal result visualization can be exported as texture with texture coordinates in ply format. The PLY export dialog let’s the user choose between eporting the current c.fill nodal visualized result or all results of the current selected step.
  • IsoLines: Corrected error when converting iso-lines (isosurfaces on surface meshes) to cuts/meshes.
  • Several Meshes: Correcter error when switching all meshes on or off, that only switches on or off the ones form the current step, now meshes of all steps are switched on or off.


  • Customlib conditions: the icon of the groups linked to a condition can be customizable.
  • Fixed errors with classic units
  • Fixed bug of disappearing problemtype toolbar swapping pre/post or changind to full screen case
  • New Tcl command to get the current image GiD_Thumbnail get_pixels ?-quality <0 to 100>? ?RGB|BGR|RGBA|BGRA|GREY|raw|png|jpeg ?
  • New Tcl command GiD_Project with some deprecated subcommands previously attached to togl(Tk OpenGL widget) object
    • $togl flushBatchToWrite -> GiD_Project batchfile get|flush name
    • $togl disable graphics| windows| warnline| graphinput| writebatch| all -> GiD_Project set disable_graphics| disable_windows| disable_warnline| disable_graphinput| disable_writebatch| waitstate|¬†windows_layout <0|1>
    • $togl makenewwindow -> GiD_Project set windows_layout ?<1 2LR 2UD 3L 3U 3R 3D 4>?
  • GiD_Event_SelectOutputFilenames <filenames> to allow the user select the files to be seen