New GiD Mesh Library


GiD team is proud to anounce the release of the GiD Mesh Library (GiDML).

The GiDML is a collection of libraries (modules) that offers a wide range of meshing functionalities.  It contains three main families of modules: mesh generationmesh edition and mesh analysis.


GiDML is structured in different modules, each one of them focused on specific meshing features. Each software should choose the module it wants to be connected to, depending on its needs. The library is permanently in evolution, including new modules in the future, to cover a wide range of meshing needs.


Why use GiDML?

GiDML is a solution for software developers who needs to integrate meshing features in their code.  GiDML includes most of the meshing featu­res of GiD pre and postprocessing system, as well as and some new ones. So the developers will take advantage fo theses capabilities.

It is mainly developed by the GiD team, but is opened to other developers to integrate their own module. The developers will benefit with several advantages such as the access to our dissemination channels.

GiDML is a library without graphical user interface. Developers can access for free and without limitation to an input/output module, which provides the API functions to get and set the data from and to the corresponding GiDML modules.

Find all the information regarding the new GiD Mesh Library in