New OpenSees interface

GiD+opensees (image from

GiD team is proud to announce the GiD connection with the OpenSees solver.

The Open System for Earthquake Engineering Simulation (OpenSees) is a software framework for simulating the seismic response of structural and geotechnical systems.

OpenSees has been developed as the computational platform for research in performance-based earthquake engineering at the Pacific Earthquake Engineering Research Center (PEER). The PEER is a multi-institutional research and education center with headquarters at the University of California, Berkeley.

OpenSees has advanced capabilities for modeling and analyzing the nonlinear response of systems using a wide range of material models, elements, and solution algorithms. The software is designed for parallel computing to allow scalable simulations on high-end computers or for parameter studies.

GiD+Opensees: An open source interface for GiD

openseesinterfaceThis connection has been possible thanks to the GiD+Opensees interface that has been developed in the Lab of R/C and Masonry Structures, School of Civil Engineering, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece.

The GiD+OpenSees interface introduces a long-awaited graphical interface for the popular open source finite element software OpenSees by seamlessly connecting its text-only solver to our graphical pre and post processor GiD.

It is delivered as open source, under the GNU General Public License.

The interface is available as a problemtype for GiD and can be downloaded from the official website: Latest release is 2.2.0.

The developers also offers training resources such as a wiki or video tutorials.

We look forward to GiD and OpenSees users can take advantage of this great connection.