GiD mode (Emacs template)

Emacs is a very powerful text editor under the GNU Public licence. More information can be found here (general) and here (windows).


gid.el‘ is a lisp file for emacs which provides a new mode, so that the syntax of the template (.bas), conditions (.cnd), material (.mat), problem/interval data (.prb) and units (.uni) files of GiD problem types is highlighted.

    • Download the ‘gid.el’ file by shift-clicking here ( if a window appears showing the contents of the file, just select the ‘File->Save as …’ option in the menu bar and save the file with the name ‘gid.el’),
  • copy the file ‘gid.el’ to
      • Linux: /usr/share/emacs/EMACS_VERSION/lisp/progmodes
        or /usr/local/share/emacs/EMACS_VERSION/lisp/progmodes
      • Windows: c:\emacs-VERSION\lisp\progmodes
  • edit the emacs configuration file
      • Linux: HOME_DIRECTORY/.emacs
      • Windows: c:\_emacs
  • add following lines at the end of the file:
    (load-library "gid")

    Note: if you don’t have the

    • Linux: HOME_DIRECTORY/.emacs
    • Windows: c:\_emacs or c:\.emacs

    add this line too:
    (add-hook 'find-file-hooks 'turn-on-font-lock)
    in order to highlight the text automatically when loading the files.

  • and restart emacs