Zmesher is able to generate 3D cartesian meshes of volumes, surfaces, lines and/or points. It is especially suitable for electromagnetic simulations of Finite Differences.

Zmesher has been implemented by a third part partner (University of Granada), and the first time that is used it will require an extra password

To set as mesher: Zmesher is needed to go to Preferences window and first from Mesh->General choose Cartesian inside Mesh type, and after apply, select Zmesher from Mesh->Cartesian

When you generate the mesh and is the first time that this mesher is used this window ask a password

The password could be freely obtained from the related web (and will be stored in the file scripts/TemporalVariables, to not ask it again)

Enter the password and generate again the mesh. When the mesh is generated is show this information

Note: By default, Zmesher could create some ‘degenerated’ cells, to preserve topological connections. E.g. In previous example 1 line element is generated although there is not any isolated geometrical curve, and also 1 extra quadrilateral is generated from a volume. But this can be change by selecting the ‘Avoid degeneration’ option, doing that these degenerated elements are automatically deleted.