GiD Convention 2020

What is GiD convention?

The GiD Convention is an event organized by the GiD Team, with the objective to bring together users and developers of GiD pre/post processing system in order to exchange ideas and experiences on the generation of data for computer simulation and the graphic visualization of numerical results. It takes place every two years since 2002, and a new official version of GiD is released in the frame of each GiD Convention.

Celebrating new GiD 15

Next July 20th, the new GiD 15 will be launched and we want to celebrate the release with you.

100% Online convention

The 10th GiD convention will bring together GiD users and problemtypes developers that will present their latest advances. Furthermore, GiD Team will present the new features of GiD 15.

Due to the¬†pandemic¬†situation, it’s not possible to perform a presential convention as past editions, so GiD Team has prepared an¬†online edition¬†for the¬†10th edition¬†of the convention, where¬†the attendees will be able to participate on the event¬†virtually.

Despite the change of the format, the GiD convention will maintain the objectives of past versions, creating a space to share ideas and experiences in the computer simulation world.

Don’t miss the opportunity and join us¬†at 10th GiD convention!


MONDAY JULY 20th, 2020


Pre convention videos

The speakers have prepared a short video where you can see an overview of their presentations that will be available on July 20th. Watch them before the convention starts!

GiD v15 news & live round table

Follow this live event to discover the news of GiD version 15.
Afterwards, the GiD team and speakers will answer your questions and suggestions. Post your questions in the YouTube live chat.

You will be able to make your questions during the live round table in the YouTube live chat, also we invite you to prepare and send your questions in advance.
The complete video will be available afterwards.

You can post your questions and suggestions here:


Twitter: Post your question with @gidprepost #askGiDConvention




Should I register to attend the convention?

No, there is no registration process. The 10th GiD convention is a free and online event.

How do I follow the presentations?

On July 20th:
– Access this current website
– Access our YouTube channel. Subscribe and activate the notifications to be aware when the presentations will be released.

Can I interact with the speakers and GiD team?

Yes, you will be able to ask your questions during the live round table, after the presentation of the GiD 15 news at 16h CEST.
Also, you can send your questions and suggestions to or post them on Twitter with @gidprepost #askGiDconvention and we will answer you during the live round table.

Stay tuned for further information