Convention Courses

JUNE 7th and 8th

coursesJune 7th, GiD course

A complete GiD course dealing from basic to advanced topics.

June 8th, parallel courses on different modules connected with GiD

During the morning and afternoon, parallel courses on application modules in several engineering fields will be given.

June 8th courses


Numerical modelling and simulation of large deformations and soil–water–structure interaction using the material point method (MPM).

  • Check the brochure for Anura3D course.


ATILA is a finite element software package specifically developed for the analysis of two or three dimensional structures that contain piezoelectric & magnetostrictive materials.


Iber is a two-dimensional mathematical model for simulating flows in rivers and estuaries .

  • The agenda and brochure for Iber course will be announced soon.


The GiD+OpenSees Interface introduces a long-awaited graphical interface for the popular open source finite element software OpenSees by seamlessly connecting its text-only solver to the user-friendly general graphical pre/post processor GiD.

  • Check the brochure for GiD+OpenSees course.

Kratos Multiphysics

Kratos is designed as an Open-Source framework for the implementation of numerical methods for the solution of engineering problems.

  • The agenda and brochure for Kratos course will be announced soon.

Tdyn (CFD+HT, RamSeries & SeaFEM)

Simulation suite

  • The agenda and brochure for Tdyn course will be announced soon.


The courses fee is 120 euros, including:

  • 2 days of courses
  • One year licence of professional version of GiD v14
  • Coffee breaks and lunch

The participants must register before 13th April 2018 in the GiD shop


Find the detailed agenda of the courses here.