Freeze-thaw modeling in soi

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Freeze-thaw modeling in soi

Postby JornSearch » Sun Nov 03, 2019 6:47 am

Freeze-thaw modeling in soil (THM case)
Postby Alireza » Mon Aug 12, 2019 5:02 pm

I am using CODE-BRIGHT to model freeze-thaw phenomenon in soil with application in tunneling.
I am trying to first check and simulate freeze-thaw in Oedometer test sample and then model its application on tunneling.
I have simply modeled freeze-thaw in Oedometer test sample using the Oedometer test example (considering the THM case). The sample surface temperature is changing from 15 degree to -7 degree and PRETENSION CURVE ITYCL = 18 and Liquid phase relative permeability ITYCL = 12 for freezing model, however the model can't run to the end and stops when surface temperature reaches to 0 degree.
I have attached all files.
The final error in output file says:
Stress : 1 0.000E+00 124 2
Force balance : 2 0.501E-03 89
Water balance : 2 0.897E-02 2
Energy balance : 2 0.152E+04 2
Error estimation(rel): NaN NaN NaN NaN
Time step factor: 1.3999999999999999
Displacement : 2 0.110+217 111
Time step is reduced to: 0.503-133
because displacement correction: 0.110+217
is greater than dumx: 0.100E+00 at node: 111

Convergence is not possible, dtime
has been reduced 100 times because
inadmisible corrections or
large error estimation, Stop

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