Automating geometry creation process

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Automating geometry creation process

Postby salminbel28 » Mon Mar 08, 2021 3:10 pm

In GiD 12 and 13, is it possible to 'automate' the following process:

1) creating geometries,
2) assigning conditions,
3) generating mesh
4) generating calculation file

For example, I have one problem where I would like to generate 10 prisms with varying thickness and mesh size, and generate the .dat files for them automatically then batch calculate. I am only talking about pre-processing. How can I do this in GiD?
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Re: Automating geometry creation process

Postby escolano » Mon Mar 08, 2021 6:35 pm

You can write the 'process' GiD keywords in a batch (text) file, I suggest .bch extension, and then can run GiD with this batch instructions in several ways,
probably for automatization do you prefer the option to run it from a command line argument
gid.exe -b <batchfile.bch>
(there are more flags like -n to be run without any window, if your task don't require any graphic feature like print an image)

To know the syntax of the words to be written you can do the action interactivelly and open the Undo Window (Utilities->Undo) and have a look to the words.

Note: to automatically quit when finish the batch set at the end the keywords to exit GiD, like
Mescape Quit No

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