Only lists of nodes

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Only lists of nodes

Postby penavasal » Fri Nov 15, 2019 11:18 am

I have been trying to create sets of nodes where boundary conditons can be applied. However, all the problemtype examples I've seen have types of conditions and then they plot in the *.dat a list of nodes where a condition is fullfilled. This is not what I want. I would like to build a vector of nodes with *.cnd, calling by a name this set and then, in the *.bas, being able to plot the name of the set and the list of the nodes. Is it possible?
Thanks a lot
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Re: Only lists of nodes

Postby escolano » Mon Nov 18, 2019 4:15 pm

Off course you can do this in multiple ways.
By your message you are using a 'classical' problemtype, with .cnd, .prb, .bas, ...
The modern approach is to use a 'customLib' problemtype, where the data is shown in a tree widget, defined with a .xml file, and the data is usually written with a Tcl procedure.
With customLib the enties are classified by groups, and the extra conditions data is attached to the group name.

With the classical problemtype you can also
1-use the GiD groups, and define conditions pointing these groups instead of geometry/mesh entities,
2-use directly conditions pointing the geometry/mesh entities, and you can use a question entry to store the string of your 'set'

an example of 1: define the condition 'over groups' (in this case to be applied to lines->elements), and a extra question 'some_data' to store more information.

CONDITION: GroupBodyElemLine
CONDTYPE: over groups
GROUPALLOW: lines elements
QUESTION: some_data

and then you can print information in a .bas template like this

*set cond GroupBodyElemLine *groups
*loop groups *onlyincond
*groupname *cond(some_data)
*end groups

*loop groups
*set group *GroupName *elems
*loop elems *onlyingroup
*end elems
*end groups

(or with a Tcl procedure could do more complicated things, that are not possible with a simple .bas template)

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