EOF too early - gidpost - Fortran

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EOF too early - gidpost - Fortran

Postby j.m. » Tue May 08, 2018 8:29 am

Dear GiD-community,

i am using the GiDpost interface to print the results of my inhouse FE code.
The code is written in Fortran (2003+).

Everything is working fine except for one error when loading the result-files from GiD.
The error message is: "EOF too early"

Searching for this problem i found that every "*.res" file should start with "GiD Post Results File 1.0"

I was looking for a function to write user-defined comments to the result file, like e.g. GiD_fResultUserDefined
to add this line to the result file before printing the requested output variables.

Unfortunately the function mentioned above seems not to be included in the fortran interface. Since i dont want
to mess with the implementation of GiDpost i am currently using a workaround (editing the file after the analysis)...

Is there a simpler - more elegant - way to resolve this error?

Best regards
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Re: EOF too early - gidpost - Fortran

Postby ronda » Wed May 09, 2018 11:24 am

Hello, whenever you invoke GiD_OpenPostResultFile or GiD_fOpenPostResultFile that header is written to the file.

How are you creating the file?

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