Can i modify about Z grid ?

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Can i modify about Z grid ?

Postby jinsu421 » Wed Oct 31, 2018 8:51 am

It's GiD's function about [preferences]->Grid,

It can be draw X axis, Y axis, but can't find about Z axis.

Surely, We are using about X,Y,Z gizmo (for example, Using this name in Unity Game Engine).

It is necessary for check the model size.

Tell me about Activation Z axis in grid function.
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Re: Can i modify about Z grid ?

Postby escolano » Mon Nov 05, 2018 3:12 pm

The GiD grid has only x,y coordinates.
It has been designed to facilitate some 2D drawing, allowing force the 'snap' to define coordinates only at 'grid points'

The working plane in GiD is always the XY plane (by default z=0 is assumed).
Once created in XY is possible to move your planar shape to another 3D position with the Move tool.

Note: for 'cartesian meshes' it is used another 'grid' that has also z coordinate, but this is a different kind of grid, used to set the divisions and size of the cartesian mesh in each direction.

To check the sizes of your model you could use other tools,like
Utilities->Id :to see the coordinates of some point/node (or Utilities->List...)
Utilities->Distance: to check the distance between two coordinates
Utilities->Dimension: to permanently show in screen some distance, coordinate, angle, ..

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