BEAM_Cross_Section Error

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BEAM_Cross_Section Error

Postby kevkurniawan » Wed Jan 27, 2021 4:35 pm

Hi everyone,

I'm currently using GiD 14.1.10d for generating SAFIR 3d structural input file.

It's a simple 3d membrane structure with slab and 2 joist in the middle.
More or less the plan view looks like this:

When I want to create the meshing from this structure, it says "Error when transfering condition 'BEAM_Cross_Section' from geometry to mesh (line 2). It has not been transferred"

I've done several trial and errors and it produced:

1. Remove the shell properties and just use beam properties: the error persists.
2. Remove the beam properties and just use shell properties: it works but not as wanted
3. Set "mesh always by default" to lines: it works but the result is weird - it doesn't show any deflection

From those trial and errors I'm assuming that the problem lies in the beam property?
Did I do something wrong?
What should I do to fix this error?

Thank you!
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Re: BEAM_Cross_Section Error

Postby escolano » Thu Jan 28, 2021 4:38 pm

This question really is not related to GiD but to the SAFIR interface, must be asked to its developers.

The errors depends on its scripts and definitions of conditions, etc.

By your explanation it seems that the message
"Error when transfering condition 'BEAM_Cross_Section' from geometry to mesh (line 2). It has not been transferred"
is because this problemtype probably is declaring in its .cnd file a condition named 'BEAM_Cross_Section' over lines->over body elements

And in your model probaly the lines (of the beams) belong to the surfaces and by default GiD will generate only in the final mesh the triangles/quadrilaterals of the surfaces, but not the lines of the surfaces.
The the mesh-line elements of the beam lines doesn't exist, and the error complain that is not possible to assign the condition 'BEAM_Cross_Section' of the geometric curve to any mesh-line-element and is lost in the mesh.

Probaly you need to set to force to be meshed only the lines with these 'BEAM_Cross_Section', not all lines.
Instead of set this 'global preference' "mesh always by default" to lines
try to apply: Mesh->Mesh criteria->Mesh->Lines
and select only the appropriated lines

In any case I am not use of SAFIR, I don't know how must be used. Read its tutorials and documentation, and ask its developers
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Re: BEAM_Cross_Section Error

Postby kevkurniawan » Fri Jan 29, 2021 11:04 am

Thanks for the explanation escolano!
Sorry I didn't know this is SAFIR problem, I thought it was GiD problem because it had a problem in creating a mesh.
Will try to contact them for further information.

Have a good day!

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