Intrinsic permeability issue (ITYCL=4)

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Intrinsic permeability issue (ITYCL=4)

Postby Domenico_DS » Mon Jan 29, 2018 1:03 pm

Dear Code_Bright Community,

I'm trying to use the law "Intrinsic permeability depending on an embedded aperture", referring to the normal strain to the discontinuity (ICL=7, ITYCL=4).

The user's guide it's perfectly clear about the increase in permeability but I cannot understand well the criteria used to define the normal strain to the discontinuity and the discontinuity itself.

As far as I understood, it uses vertical strain and it doesn't depend on a "real" discontinuity.
I wanted to model vertical fractures, so I solved the problem introducing an initial anisotropy (alfa = 90) and by this way, the model seems to use the horizontal strain as normal strain. However, by this way, I should define the direction of the discontinuity beforehand. Is it correct?

Would it be kindly possible to have other details about this model?
Is there a way to relate the reference strain to the plastic strain?
Is there a reference about this model?

Kind regards,

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