Strain-dependent shear modulus minitutorial- ERROR

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Strain-dependent shear modulus minitutorial- ERROR

Postby Alireza » Tue Dec 03, 2019 5:21 am

Dear all,
I am reviewing the example on tutorial "Strain-dependent shear modulus minitutorial" using recent version GiD 14.0.2 just to check the excavation process of tunnel. (not to examine effect of shear modulus).
Follow the steps according to the manual, during run following error happens:

Error in base file 'C:/Program Files/GiD/GiD 14.0.2/problemtypes/Code_bright_v9.gid/Code_bright_v94.bas' at line number 767: Unknown command: 'endfor'

I am almost sure the model itself is fine.
The file is also attached here.
Is is because of a bug in the program?
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Re: Strain-dependent shear modulus minitutorial- ERROR

Postby escolano » Tue Dec 03, 2019 1:04 pm

Probably the problem is because the mix of versions of GiD and versions of the problemtype Code_bright.

In theory each new GiD version is compatible with previous problemtype versions, but unfortunately it is normal that unexpected secondary effects appear, and could be necessary some small change in the problemtype to ensure that it works perfectly.

Maybe the related bug is fixed simply replacing 'endfor' by 'end' in the line of the related .bas file

You are using a Code_bright_v9.gid version, but it is not the latest available version.
I have seen that Code_bright_v9_3.gid is the current version

Try it, maybe has some bug or compatibility problem fixed

There is also a new GiD 14.0.3 official version and a 14.1.7d developer version

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