[GiDlist] GID move node feature?

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[GiDlist] GID move node feature?

Postby Dhankhar, Amit Kumar » Mon Oct 06, 2014 9:44 pm


Could you tell me if GID provides a feature so that I can move some specific nodes at specific distance for meshing purposes.
Basically I am interested to model tet10 (quadratic tetrahedrals) mesh elements but nodes should be at (1/4)th distance rather than the default middle location in the region where my crack exists in the material. I know there is one "move node" feature but not really sure if that would suit my purpose. Is there any easy way to do this in GID?
Would appreciate any help.

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[GiDlist] GID move node feature?

Postby escolano » Tue Oct 07, 2014 1:49 pm

You can move a mesh node for example as you said, from the menu

Mesh-Edit mesh-Move node

And then pick the node and enter its new x,y,z coordinates in the lower
command line

That internally is converted into this GiD process commands:

MEscape Meshing EditMesh MoveNode $node_id $x,$y,$z Escape

Where node_id is the node number, and x y z the new location

And it exists also a more direct GiD-Tcl command:

GiD_Mesh edit node $node_id {$x $y $z}

You can create a Tcl procedure to set the quadratic node position you want
for all mesh nodes, and you can invoke this procedure in multiple ways

e.g. writing in the lower command line preceded by -np- your_procedure
(-np- mean 'no process' and then the next is expected to be a Tcl command)

of from a button of the 'macros toolbar'

In fact It already exists (hidden in the toolbar) a macro button very
similar, to re-locate the quadratic nodes aligned in the middle edge (e.g.
to avoid possible wrong jacobians in curved elements)

Have a look to the Tcl code of this macro: click the "Edit macros" button to
open the Macros window

And select the 'Align Quadratic Nodes' macro to see its Tcl code on the

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