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Postby ewpostek » Tue Dec 01, 2020 11:20 pm

Dear Colleagues,
I have an unexpected problem.
I read t *res and *msh files. Then, I perform
a few operations (for example, I show Sxx stress in bars) and go to upper menu.
Now, I press "file" (to print the picture into a file)
I obtain the comment as in the attachment "screen". Gid stops
and I have to kill it.

The unexpected thing is that I use other quite
big post files (about two million elements, hexahedrals, balls) and it works well.
The problem appears with the small file I attached as well.
I use Windows 10, 64 bits. The problem appears
with GiD 14.0.5, Gid14.1.10d and Gid15.0.1.

Best regards,
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Re: upper_menu_problem

Postby miguel » Fri Dec 04, 2020 4:43 pm

Hello Eligiusz,
the problem is that you are using the same name of Result for three different results:

Result "Result_A" "T10" 0.10000E+01 Vector OnGaussPoints "Bar_a"
ComponentNames "Sxx" "Exx" "Mis_t"
Result "Result_A" "T10" 0.10000E+01 Matrix OnGaussPoints "Quad_a"
ComponentNames "Sxx" "Syy" "Szz" "Sxy" "Z00" "Mis"
Result "Result_A" "T10" 0.10000E+01 Vector OnNodes
ComponentNames "Disp_X","Disp_Y","Disp_Z"

Just changing the name, for instance, to:

Result "Result_A bar vector" "T10" 0.10000E+01 Vector OnGaussPoints "Bar_a"
Result "Result_A quad stress" "T10" 0.10000E+01 Matrix OnGaussPoints "Quad_a"
Result "Result_A nodal vector" "T10" 0.10000E+01 Vector OnNodes

solves the problem.
thanks for the report,

the gid team

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