Rhinoceros CAD

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Rhinoceros CAD

Postby meshymeshy » Sun Feb 07, 2021 1:00 am

I want to create mesh on my rhino model, but it doesn't read my solid properly. Is there a way to automatically create connected meshes for rhino layers in GiD? How can I mesh the embedded bodies?
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Re: Rhinoceros CAD

Postby escolano » Wed Feb 10, 2021 8:50 pm

Rhino doesn't handle the topology exactly like GiD.
e.g. It doesn't has the concept of volume, a closed shell is considered by Rhino implicitly as a volume
(it is not possible to differentiate a 'closed shell' with only surfaces of a 'closed shell filled' with volume)

and also don't support well the concept of a surface shared or not between two volumes.

This happen also with all CADs, it doesn't matter so much for them if some parts are connected or not.

Usually when importing a model you must check what is defined, and must modify it if necessary.
for example directly importing your "tunnelwfans.3dm" model there are unwanted isolated lines and surfaces that can be deleted
and the same volume of the 'main box holed by cylinders' is defined twice, can delete one of these volumes (and its repeated surfaces, lines, and points)

and the volumes of thin cylinders are defined repeatly 4 times, can delete 3 copies (and its dependencies)

A way to delete these repeated entities is to use the Utilities->Collapse tool (it is possible to invoke an automatic collapse when importing)
but be careful with the tolerance used to consider two near entities to be collapsed in a single one. In most cases the automatic tolerance (Utilities->Preferences - Import and export) is enought, but not always

Utilities->Repair can also fix some problems of imported models

I attach my model, collapsing duplicateds, and with size=0.1 assigned to the surfaces of longg thin cylinders (r=0.1). I am able to generate a mesh of about 1 Milion of tetraedra with mesh general size about 5.0
This is myGiD model (deleting the big mesh, you can generate again)
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