Support for exporting data to GiD

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Support for exporting data to GiD

Postby Roman » Wed Mar 22, 2017 1:24 pm

Dear All,

For the code we develop we would like make exporter to GiD. I have started to look at GiD format description, but I am sure this problem was already tackled several times. Maybe there are some libraries to aid in writing GID exportes. While keeping searching Internet I would like to kindly ask you for some hints or references.

With kind regards,

Roman Putanowicz
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Re: Support for exporting data to GiD

Postby escolano » Tue Mar 28, 2017 8:25 pm

We don't provide any library to write GiD geometry files.
We only provide the 'gidpost' library, to write mesh and results for postprocess.

About GiD geometry format, there is a short documentation of the ASCII format in the 'GiD customization manual'->Preprocess data files

Instead of write GiD .geo files you can also implement the import/export of other formats with Tcl scripting language.
For example you can inspect the Tcl code of

It implements the feature showed by the menu Files->Import->Calculix... in preprocess that read the .frd CALCULIX geometry files and create GiD geometry using Tcl commands like GiD_Geometry, GiD_Info, GiD_Process, and others

The plugin also implements in postprocess Files->Import->Calculix... the import of CALCULIX .fbd results file.

NOTE: Calculix is a FEM structural solver that uses as input Abaqus-like syntax (

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