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Postby Jose_Merodo » Thu Dec 01, 2016 4:36 pm

Dear Gid Team,
I want to create pdf files or ppt presentations with embeded 3D models (including contour fill contours), in order to be able to rotate, zoom, etc. the models inside these documents.
Is it possible to do it from GiD? How can I do it?
I tried to do it trough a VRML file generated with GiD but the mesh is not correctly plotted and the colors do no appear in my browser wtih Cortona3D plugin.
What about 3D PDF, U3D?
Thank you. All the best.
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Re: 3D PDF

Postby escolano » Mon Dec 05, 2016 10:51 pm

I don't know any 3D format able to be embedded in a Powerpoint presentation (at least without require extra plugins in Powerpoint)
and nowadays GiD doesn't write 3D pdf, it is a propietary format.

About using VRML format, it is possible to write the posprocess contourfills in two different ways: using textures or not (with a color by vertex)
Maybe the wrong colors showed by Cortona are related to one of them only. You can try the other:
Graphical->System -Exact contour fills
Note: to set "Exact contour fills" must before set Method: Display list or immediate (can't be used with Vertex buffer objects or Vertex array OpenGL methods)

Unfortunately I can't tried it because the Cortona plugin is not supported more in my Chrome browser (Java use is forbidden)

We can study in the future to implement the import/export of U3D format

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