no nodes in the mesh

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no nodes in the mesh

Postby milamadm » Sat Apr 30, 2016 3:40 pm


I am using GiD to make a surface so I can import into GetFem. I export my mesh to .msh format. But when I import the mesh to the code it shows the error "no nodes in the mesh". Doesn't the format .msh contain the mesh node information? and if it does not which export should I use?

sorry if the question is to basic, but I just started using GiD.

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Re: no nodes in the mesh

Postby escolano » Mon May 02, 2016 11:43 am

Yes, the .msh has the nodes and elements information.

I assume that do you mean a 'GiD mesh ASCII file' ,exported with Files->Export->GiD mesh...
(because when do you save a GiD model the mesh is also saved in a .msh file, but in GiD binary format that probably GetFem can't read)

This 'GiD mesh ASCII file' .msh can be opened with some text editor, you can see that it is a very simple format whith a header for each mesh, a block of nodes and a block for elements.
Check the content of your file to verify that if really has some mesh.

In theory GetFem it is able to read GiD mesh files.
Maybe the kind of elements of your mesh is not supported by GetFem.

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