Import from SAP 2000

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Import from SAP 2000

Postby alessandro84 » Fri May 08, 2015 6:54 pm

Hello toghether,

I am a civil engineer and also a new user of GID. I have noticed this problem with "SAP 2000 interface":
i have tried to import a structural SAP 2000 model (.s2k) with "SAP 2000 interface" but GID imports only the mesh, without geometry, loads, constraints, ecc...
I used this command: SAP 2000/import SAP 2000 mesh.

So my question are :
if I have a structural FEM model of a building created with SAP 2000 and then exported in .s2k format, it is possible to import the model,with all the structural features, in GID?

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Re: Import from SAP 2000

Postby escolano » Fri May 08, 2015 7:37 pm

No, as you pointed the current version of the SAP2000 GiD problemtype is only importing the mesh of a .s2k file

The normal way to use the problemtype is not create the model with SAP2000 and then import it in GiD, but the opposite:
Create/import the geometry of the model with GiD that is powerful than the SAP2000 GUI, load the problemtype and apply the conditions and materials, generate the mesh and then run the SAP2000 solver (this exports the input file file and start SAP2000.exe with this input).
And after the calculation it is possible to convert back the results of SAP2000 in order to use all GiD postprocess features.

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