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USB Licence

Posted: Thu Jan 14, 2016 9:14 am
by ABrodie
I am having trouble getting one computer to recognise a USB on which I have installed the USB licence for GiD. Do you have any suggestions about how to go about this? A full description of the problem and current troubleshooting follows:

- Both machines have GiD 12.0.8 installed
- One machine (the one where I setup the licence) recognises my USB, a SanDisk Cruzer_Switch Rev_1.26. However when plugging the usb into the 2nd machine GiD does not recognise it, however I can still access all data on the USB in windows explorer.
- If I unplug the usb and try a different usb drive in the same port, this second usb is recognised by GiD on both machines.

If there is no way to solve this would you be able to help transfer the licence to the second usb that is recognised by GiD on both machines?


Re: USB Licence

Posted: Thu Jan 14, 2016 11:12 am
by escolano
Which exact operating system has each machine?

The problem is the way that Windows provide the USB information in the Windows registry for this specific memory stick model.

Try to use also the last GiD developer version.
What happen with other memory sticks? They appear in Help->Register GiD...?

Re: USB Licence

Posted: Fri Jan 15, 2016 9:12 am
by ABrodie
Thanks for the quick response. So I have tried installing the most recent developer version and tested the second usb drive with both versions on both machines, below are the results:

Machine 1 (Desktop) - Registered Usb works
OS: Microsoft Windows 10 Pro (Build 10586)
GiD12.0.8 - Detects both usb drives (1 USB drive i registered, the other is a test)
GiD12.1.9d - Detects both usb drives

Machine 2 (Laptop) - Registered Usb does not work
OS: Microsoft Windows 10 Pro N (Build 10240)
GiD12.0.8 - Detects only the usb drive that is not registered
GiD12.1.9d - Detects only the usb drive that is not registered

Re: USB Licence

Posted: Tue Nov 22, 2016 2:50 pm
by Riccardo
in the Download price in the prize-table regarding GID13, it says: "Physical USB device not included". My question is: if I buy a USB version of GID without the airmail order (so without getting a physical USB device), how can I use the software?

Re: USB Licence

Posted: Tue Nov 22, 2016 5:36 pm
by escolano
In this case you must use your own memory stick.
Nowadays practically all memory sticks of the market are valid to be used to register GiD.
In any case you can check it: plug in to the computer and go to Help->Register GiD... menu
If the memory stick is valid it will appear in a list to be selected, and then GiD will show its 'name and sysinfo'

You really buy a licence that you can exchange when you want (in our web page) by the permantent password for your specific memory stick (identified by 'name and sysinfo').

The password that you enter in the Help->Register GiD... window is saved in a file named .GiDauthority in the root or your memory stick.
Then you can plug this memory stick in the machine you want (Windows, Linux or Mac OS X) and it automatically provide the licence for GiD on this machine