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[GiDlist] RE: Gid mesh problem

Posted: Mon Mar 05, 2007 7:29 pm
by abelcs
Dear Adirson,

As I commented you last week, there might be two options when meshing
structured surfaces, the problem is that there was a bug in the code.

Now this bug is corrected, so in the next official (8.0.x) and beta (8.x)
version this option will be available.

The key is that using RFAST or RSURF mesher (you can select the kind of
mesher in Utilities-Preferences-Meshing) you can obtain different
structured meshes. This is because the interpolation that is done internelly
to genereate the mesh is preformed in 2d space (U-V NURBS space) or in 3D
space. In your case it seams that you will prefer RFAST option, as you can
see in the two attached images.

Thank you very much for notifying us this irregular behaviour.

Best regards,



Abel Coll Sans

CIMNE - International Center for Numerical Methods in Engineering

Office C2 - C1Building - Campus Nord UPC

Gran Capità s/n, 08034 Barcelona

Tfn: 34 - 93 401 74 03 Fax: 34 - 93 401 65 17

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De: adisorn [mailto:Adisorn.Owatsiriwong at]
Enviado el: sábado, 03 de marzo de 2007 13:00
Para: abelcs at
Asunto: Gid mesh problem

Dear Abel

I am using the 8.0.7 for windows. After trying two mesh options as quoted,
still mesh quality is not good. Herewith I sent you my gid project files for
both 2D & 3D cases, for which you might have look. Appreciated yours.

Best regards,

Adisorn Owatsiriwong

School of Engineering and Technology
Asian Institute of Technology
Mobile: (663) 904-3666
Office & Fax: (662) 524-5519

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