[GiDlist] Consistent mesh ???

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V M Ngoc

[GiDlist] Consistent mesh ???

Postby V M Ngoc » Mon Mar 14, 2011 12:18 pm

Dear everybody,

I currently in third years of PhD student on the subject "Modelling of fluid
flow in fractured porous media " and I use GiD as the part pre-processing and
post-processing in my work.

The fractures are considered as circles of zero-thickness in 3D infinite space
which can intersect together. My problem is generator of mesh on the surface of
set of fractures but the mesh must be consistent i.e. it takes into account the
intersection between the fractures.

For this work in the case of small number of fractures, i can performce by hands
with GiD (you could see the procedure in attached files), but for a large number
of fractures, It is necessary to have a automatical procedure.

In addition, I can use very well Autocad, and VBA for AutoCad.

Could you show me that how to use GiD to resolve this problem. Or Could you give
me some advises to resolve this problem, plesase?

Thank you in advances


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