[GiDlist] 3D electrostatic BEM solver

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Mark Smith

[GiDlist] 3D electrostatic BEM solver

Postby Mark Smith » Tue Apr 10, 2012 11:38 am

Hi All
I'm in the process of putting together a 3D electrostatic BEM solver GiD problem type that can analyze conductive surfaces of constant potential or of known total charge (no dielectrics permitted) and wondered how many users of GiD this might be of interest to? I don't even know how many GiD users there might be out there.
I've considered making it free for use with a direct solver which sort of limits the problem size as the solution time is large for big problems and a licensed version using iterative methods.
I've also made it possible to model the problem in Gmsh and produce a GiD input deck and conversion routines to turn the .flavia.res results files into vtk format.
If this might be of interest then please get in touch.
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