PFC-CCFD(GiD) usage

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PFC-CCFD(GiD) usage

Postby RuihaoZhaoCCFD » Tue Dec 10, 2019 8:23 am

I'm trying to couple PFC3D with CCFD by following various tutorials and manuals.
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However, I'm meeting with some issues in the implementation of the CCFD problem type.
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I see that the problem types that came pre-installed come with the files on the left, and the ones that PFC3D are the ones on the left.
Every time i try to implement it says that the problem type doesn't exist. Is there anyway to make it so that the .gid file on the right can work?

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Re: PFC-CCFD(GiD) usage

Postby escolano » Tue Dec 10, 2019 11:49 am

Your folder fluidized_bed is not a problemtype, it is a GiD model (it has a .geo, .msh,...), and in fact to be opened by GiD with Files->Open the folder must be renamed as fluidized_bed.gid, and must be copied outside /problemtypes..

A GiD-problemtype is a collection of files that customize GiD for a specific solver, defining its conditions, materials, and able to export all this data an the mesh in the format expected by the solver, with some .bas templates or from .tcl scripting procedures, and usually some .bat file start the external solver

Probably you don't have the CCFD.gid problemtype, and also the .exe simulation solvers required (CCFD, PFC3D,...)
The document explaing this code is old, from 2007, and it seems that is deprecated, and not provided for download.

You can try to contact with its developers, to ask if there is some version usable nowadays.

Consider to use a more modern software, like Kratos, that is open source

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