You can download any version of GiD for free. You can either download the program or order a USB memory stick.

The Evaluation Version of GiD is completely functional but geometry is limited to 25 surfaces and meshes are limited to 1010 nodes. For the Evaluation Version no password is required.

The Professional Version of GiD is the full version without limitations. A licence number and a password is required to run this version of GiD.

If you are not a licence owner (i.e. if you do not have a password) GiD can only be executed in the Evaluation Version with the limitations mentioned above. The Evaluation Version can always be upgraded to the Professional Version. To do so you need to purchase a GiD user licence. Then use your personal licence number to obtain the GiD password on the Get GiD Password page. This password will allow you to work with the unlimited Professional Version of GiD.