What's new from version 14.1.8d to 14.1.9d


  • GiD variables inner code re-structured, and only saved in gid.ini the non-default ones.
  • Animation : added new formats (and codecs): mp4 (h264), avi (h264 and mpeg4), webm (vp9) and support for transparent animations (webm with vp9 and alpha channel). Increased frame rate up to 200 fps for some codecs. Quality control when creating videos.
  • Downloads folder added to file browser
  • Linux/macOS : corrected problem when a non-privileged user downloads a ProblemType for a globally installed GiD.
  • macOS : correctes some little gui problems.


  • Exodus-II plugin 0.5 now allow import and export has been enhanced
  • New Gcode plugin to import control machine (e.g. 3D printers) paths in G-code format
  • DeleteAlsoLower GiD variable and in menus and toolbar to delete also lower entities in geometry or mesh
  • Save .bgm backbround mesh with the rest of the model
  • Group assign/unassign entities show menu only with allowed types
  • Fixed bug in nodes coloring process used in Octree mesher
  • Increased performance transferring groups and conditions from geometry to mesh (parallelized)
  • Contextual menu of groups new 'Allowed' menu to set the type of entities and element types allowed to belong to a group


  • Label Gauss Points : new option to display gauss point id ( element_id : gauss_relative_id ) and gauss point result value, only available when displaying a gauss point result or elemental result.
  • Animation problem corrected : when animation is (endless) running and going to preprocess, gui does not freeze anymore.
  • Added three simple model animations in the results animation window.


  • GiD_Thumbnail get_statistics_mean (to facilitate image validation for testing)
  • GiD_Groups get allowed_types and allowed_element_types now return a list of types instead an integer code
  • GiD_Info mesh nodes|elements new options -layer <layer_name> -group <goup_name>
  • Drag and drop a .tcl file over GiD will source it
  • GiD_EntitiesGroups get, new -visible flag to get only visible entities
  • GiD_EntitiesGroups unassign, new -element_type <types_allowed> option to unassign only some element types
  • new GiD_Event_AfterRepair and GiD_Event_AfterCreateTopMenus
  • New sudcommand to calculate inertia tensor: GiD_Tools mesh mass_properties $tetrahedra_ids | -boundary_elements $triangle_ids
  • MessageBoxGetFilename directory, new option to allow select a folder
  • problemtypes extra folder inside user preferences folder (e.g. in case the user cannot copy it inside <GiD>/problemtypes)
  • GiD_GetUserSettingsFilename new flag -ignore_alternative_configuration_file

GiD variables changes:

Now GiD variables are case sensitive:

e.g. UseMoreWindows is valid but usemorewindows not

List of variables deleted:

AsianFont CommentsFont LabelsFont LightSmoothedElems IGES(IgnoreInvisible) IGES(ColorToMaterial) IGES(EndLineStyle)

PropertyToPostSave SeeMsgRenderVolume

(allow set PropertyToPostSave SeeMsgRenderVolume without raise error)

List of variables modified:

PLYExportType PostBorderAngle PostDefaultRealFormat PostFltHealthyValue PostMaxMemResultCache RealFormatDefault

PostUpdateWindows PostUseResultCache ReadViewWithModel Stereo_EyeDistance Stereo_Mode STLExportType

PLYExportType -> PLYExportBinary 0|1 (0|1 instead old words)

PostBorderAngle -> CosSmoothedElems

PostDefaultRealFormat -> RealFormat

PostFltHealthyValue -> PostFilterHealthyValueLimit

PostMaxMemResultCache -> PostResultCacheMaxMemory

PostWhichContourLimitsSets -> ContourLimitsVisibleSetsOnly

PostWhichContourLimitsSteps -> ContourLimitsAllSteps

RealFormatDefault -> RealFormat

PostUpdateWindows -> GiD_Project set disable_windows 0|1 (is not a GiD variable)

PostUseResultCache -> PostResultCacheUse

ReadViewWithModel -> ReadSaveViewAutomatic

SaveViewAutomatic -> ReadSaveViewAutomatic

Stereo_EyeDistance -> Stereo(EyeDistance)

Stereo_Mode -> Stereo(Mode)

STLExportType -> STLExportBinary 0|1

SphereDetailPre -> SphereDetailMode