Detailed changes of 14.1.xd developer releases>From v 14.1.2d to 14.1.3d

What's new from version 14.1.3d to 14.1.4d


  • Register GiD menus separed by type of licence


  • Fixed bug concerning concentration of elements in structured lines.
  • Skip Entities option can now be used also for non-NURBS surfaces.
  • MinElem surface mesher and render mesher improved generating automatic structured meshes in case the topology of the geometry allows it.
  • Improved performance in unstructured surface mesher
  • Fixed bug in unstructured quadrilateral mesher
  • Ply import allow line elements
  • Improved 2D transformation when meshing with some meshers in planar surfaces.



  • GiD_WriteCalculationFile, fixed some bugs using native groups (-number_ranges,...)
  • fixed bug GiD_Info Layers -bbox -use Geometry (do not take into account possible bounding box of GiD_Event_GetBoundingBox or background image)
  • UNV import plugin 1.4: faster and with progress bar
  • KML import/export plugin 1.3, fixed bug exporting vectorial mesh in post, and importing in pre, and progress bar
  • Fixed bug not raising some GiD_Event_AfterCreateGraph
  • Twapi package updated from 4.1.27 to 4.3.5
  • Verifp package updated from 1.36 to 1.37 (fix listing extra wrong usbs in Windows)
  • GiD_Geometry get volume new options has_holes|index_boundaries
  • Groups edit|get allowed_element_types (CustomLib conditions ov_element_types) to restrict types of elements.
  • CustomLib values new optional attribute show_in_window
Detailed changes of 14.1.xd developer releases>From v 14.1.2d to 14.1.3d