What's new from version 14.1.2d to 14.1.3d


  • GiD_Process is more strict and in general accept only complete keywords, not abbreviatures


  • Fixed some bug in properties compatibilization of semi-structured volumes performed before the meshing process.
  • DXF import, fig bug infinite loop finding blocks section
  • Force points to volume mesh available also for structured and semi-structured volumes.
  • Improved performance in embedded mesh generation
  • Bounding box of curves, enhance calculation finding numerically points of maximum and minimum coordinates.
  • Contact volumes implemented also for different shaped surfaces with holes.


  • InvertSelection
  • Fix bug sending entities to another set, old or new, or to back/front
  • Fix crash converting cuts to sets with mesh variable along time
  • Allow convert a single cut to set
  • Fix bugs of legends in case that there is not any visible entity with its result defined.


  • Fix customLib bug trying to apply a condition to mesh entities (the tree button was changing to geometry view by error)
  • New GiD variable DisplayStyle to allow set the postproces display style without use process commands.
  • New GiD_Set -array_names option
  • Tcl global variable ::ActionsMenuFunction storing the current function
  • GiD_WriteCalculationFile init -mode append
  • GiD_Info parametric: optional <t_seed> in t_fromcoord, and <u_seed> <v_seed> in uv_fromcoord or uv_projection_z_fromcoord
  • Command line argument -openglconfig now require values 1|0 (0 to force not to show the window to select OpenGL mode and theme)