What's new from version 14.1.0d to 14.1.1d


  • Each GiD version store its own copy of user preferences, instead of be shared by all versions


  • Fixed some bugs related with the treatment of ContactVolumes.
  • Variables controlling the deprecated VMeshIso volume mesher not supported anymore.
  • Contact volume: draw lines joining master-slave surface points (as a way to represent the transform matrix)
  • Fixed bug concerning contact volumes orientation checking in the 'repair model' functionality.
  • Fixed bug that made GiD crash in some configurations when SkipEntities option was set.


  • Fixed crash drawing labels with OpenGL by software and ‘Selection lines by software’ set


  • Img package updated to version 1.4.7 (fix some bug of window image capture)
  • GiD_Event_AfterSaveKernelDefaults
  • Allow local axes -Automatic- in conditions 'over volumes'
  • GidUtils::PickEntities allow filter selection by element type, curve type, etc.
  • GiD_Geometry list Tcl command new filter -allowed_types
  • GiD_Mesh get element, more sub-options: from_edge, num_faces, edge_linear, num_edges
  • GiD_Geometry get point|line|surface|volume <id> new sub-option mesh to get the simulation mesh.