What's new from version 11.0.3 to 11.0.4


  • Spheres + VBO: added memory limit when drawing thousands of spheres with high detail level. If limit is reached, then the detail level is lowered. At detail level 0, spheres are drawn as points. The memory limit is set to 1 GB, which implies that up to 120 thousand spheres can be drawn with a nice detail level (n.d.l.) of 9, i.e. ~320 triangles per sphere, 150 thousand spheres up to n.d.l. 8 ( 250 triangles), ..., 560 thousand up to n.d.l. 4 ( 64 triangles).


  • Avoid bug using quadratic mesh from preferences instead of the model's value
  • Refresh mesh to show changes when creating a mesh connecting points


  • Stream lines: better calculation of initial time step to create stream lines.
  • The labels are properly showed in graphs with logarithmic scale
  • Fixed bug reading ComplexScalar results
  • Fixed bug inverting line graphs
  • Fixed bug labeling graph nodes


  • Amelet import, fixed bug: avoid layer without its parent layer