Menu: Mesh->Quadratic type

This property set the quadratic type of the elements generated. It is applied to the mesh of the whole model. User can choose between three options:

  • Linear: linear elements are made.
  • Quadratic: the elements will be quadratic, with a node in the middle of each edge:

Linear: 3 nodes.

Triangle: 6 nodes.

Quadrilateral: 8 nodes.

Tetrahedra: 10 nodes.

Hexahedra: 20 nodes.

Prisms: 15 nodes.

  • Quadratic9: option is similar to Quadratic, but will generate 9-noded quadrilaterals and 27-noded hexahedra (an extra node in the middle of the element).

The different conectivities can be seen at Element type.

The associated variable is: Model(QuadraticType). Values: 0 (Normal), 1 (Quadratic), 2(Quadratic9). Default is 0 (Normal). This variable is stored with the model, and when a new model is created, it takes the value of the Quadatic type present in Preferences .