The Mesh option lets you choose the entities to be meshed, while the No Mesh option does the opposite. By default, the No Mesh option is set.

It has to be considered that the mesh of an entity can be generated by GiD in order to generate the mesh of a higher level entity (for instance, to generate the mesh of a volume, the mesh of its surfaces is generated first). In this cases, the mesh of the lower entity (in the example, the surface one), is deleted automatically after generating the higher level one.

Some example:

  • If the model has one volume, and nothing is assigned (No Mesh option is set by default), after generating the mesh the user will get the tetrahedra mesh (or hexahedra), but not the surfaces meshes (triangles or quadrilateral). In order to get the surfaces meshes (which are the triangles skin of the tetrahedra), the user may set 'Mesh' option to the surfaces previously to generating the mesh.
  • If a surface does not belong to any volume, its mesh will always appear after mesh generation, unless 'No Mesh' option has been assigned to it.
  • Analogously, the mesh of a line will not appear if it belongs to a surface, and the 'Mesh' option has not been set explicitly to the line.