Menu: Mesh->Generate mesh...

When everything is ready for mesh generation, select this command. If there is a previously generated mesh, GiD asks if this should be erased. It will be lost from the memory, but will remain on the disk until the project is next saved (see Save (Only Preprocessing)).

The meshers to be used can be chosen in preferences.

Next, GiD asks for a general element size which will be applied to all lines, surfaces and volumes with no specific size assigned. GiD offers two default possibilities:

  • One default size automatically calculated by the program to define a coarse mesh.
  • The last size given by the user in a previous meshing.

You can choose one of these or enter a new one.

The size is given by the average side of the corresponding element.

When a GiD model is saved, the meshing parameters used in the last time it was meshed are stored with the model. This parameters are the ones present in the Meshing branch of the Preferences window).

In the window appearing when you generate a mesh, he option 'Get meshing parameters from model' controls the parameters used for the meshing: if it is set, the parameters stored with the model are used, otherwise, the ones from the preferences window are considered.

During the meshing process, a progress bar indicates the number nodes and elements generated, as well as the memory consumed and the percentage done considering all the entities to be meshed.

Meshing can be stopped at any time by clicking the Stop button. Sometimes it is necessary to press the button repeatedly or keep it pressed for a few seconds.

Generate mesh

Mesh generation