Menu: Geometry->Create->Volume


A volume is an entity formed by a closed set of surfaces that share the lines between them.

To create a volume, some surfaces must be selected (see Entity selection ) using the By contour option. The order of selection is not important but all of them must join each other by sharing common lines and they must form a closed contour.

If there is an error and the volume is not created, a window appears with some useful information.

The Search option lets you select one surface and create one of the volumes that contains this surface.

Volumes and their surfaces are automatically orientated so that they are meshed correctly.

An additional feature allows the selection of surfaces that form the outer part of the volume as well as the ones that form the holes at the same time. In this case, GiD automatically recognizes the holes.

The Automatic 6-sided volumes option creates all possible volumes that have 6 sides (contour surfaces). It can be applied several times over the geometry and volumes are not repeated. Every new volume will be created in the current layer.

This can be useful for structured meshing (see Structured_bad ).

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