Menu: Geometry->Create->Parametric line

Tool to create a parametric approximated curve

The data that must be input are the mathematical formulae of the coordinates X(t), Y(t) and Z(t), where 't' is the parameter of the curve, and its value belongs to the interval [ t0-t1 ]. The curve is created by approximation and is a NURBS (Non-Uniform Rational B-Spline) which is created with N points. In GiD these kinds of curves are cubic (order 3).

The valid mathematical funcions are all Tcl functions:

+ - * / %

abs cosh log sqrt acos double log10 srand asin exp pow tan atan floor rand tanh atan2 fmod round ceil hypot sin cos int sinh


We fill the formula bars with the expression of a conic helix.

That helix starts with radius R0=4 and finishes with radius R1=1, performing N=3 turns from t=0.0 to t=1.0, the height also changes from 0 to H=5.

Parametric line