Menu: Geometry->Edit->Volume boolean op.

The GiD Volume Boolean Modeler has been designed to accomplish geometric feats such as physically punching a hole through a volume, combining several volumes into one, and creating a new volume from the intersecting part of several separate volumes.

The valid volume boolean operations are:

  • Union: Fuses several volumes wherever they intersect to create a single, more complex volume.
  • Intersection: Creates a volume based on the intersecting points of several separate volumes.
  • Subtraction: Negates a specific portion of a volume to create a hole or indentation.
  • Subtraction and intersection: Creates the intersected and the substracted volume at the same time.

Note: First the volume where to substract must be selected, then the volumes to be substracted (order is important when dealing with subtraction).

Volume boolean operations

Boolean volume operations

volume intersection

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