Menu: Data->Problem type->Debugger...

This tool is a graphical debugger for the scripting language Tcl/Tk.

This debugger has additional capabilities such as:

  • Editing the code. It is possible to edit the code inside its own editor and resend the new code without closing the debugged program.
  • The Tcl/Tk source code is colorized and supports automatic indentation.
  • When one source code line stops the debugger, it is possible to view all the variables and expression values, as well as change them.
  • It has additional options to measure execution times in the debugged program.

It is possible to use Tcl/Tk to enhance a problem type (see TCL\TK EXTENSION from Customization Manual).

Tcl code can be invoked inside GiD from a problem type (.tcl, .bas, .bat or .xml files), from user-defined macros, from a batch file, etc.

More information can be found in this debugger's own help section.