A condition is assigned to geometric entities or layers that have the given field values.

If you are using the AssignCond command in the Right buttons menu, the Change option allows you to define the field values. Do not forget to change these values before assigning. Selecting DeleteAll erases all the entities that have this particular condition assigned.

Conditions can be assigned both to the geometry and to the mesh, but it is advisable to assign them to the geometry because in this way the conditions will then be transferred automatically to the mesh. If assigned to the mesh, any re-meshing will cause the conditions to be lost.

The UnAssign command inside AssignCond allows a condition to be unassigned, either from all entities, or just from those that have a specified field value.

Caution: Once a mesh has been generated, any changes made to the condition assignments require the mesh to be regenerated.

Some conditions may have a behaviour that depends on the type of the chosen axes. You can choose whether to use global axes or any of the local axes previously defined with the local axes command (see Local axes), or, alternatively, another kind of automatic local axes calculations. In this second case, different axes are created according to the adopted criteria of tangency and orthogonality with the geometry. (see Conditions file (.cnd) from Customization Manual)

Assign condition