Menu: Window->View style...


Below in an example of the View Style window, where almost all the interesting visualization options can be adjusted. It only deals with meshes, sets or cuts, and not with results.

Selecting Volumes, Surfaces and/or Cuts, you can switch them On and Off, Delete them or rename them. By clicking on a Volume, Surface or Cut, and pressing Color... you can adjust the appearance of the selected set; you can change the color, including the Ambient, Diffuse, Specular, Shininess and transparency components, and return it to its Default color. The Diffuse component is used for all the representations, while the others (Ambient, Specular and Shininess) have more effect in Render visualizations.

Also separate styles can be selected for each mesh independently, just by clicking on the icon in the column eith the header 'St '.

Other interesting options which can be set for each individual mesh are:

  • I/O: Switch the mesh on and off


Switch on/off Volumes, Surfaces and Cut sets respectively

  • Tr: Enable or disable the transparent mode for the mesh
  • Int: Draw or not the interior elements of the mesh
  • Ew: Sets the edge width of the mesh.

In the Style menu you can choose how volumes, surfaces and cuts should be drawn. These options are:

  • Boundaries: All the edges of the boundaries and surface elements will be displayed in black. An edge is the line that belongs to just one surface element, or that belongs to two surface elements as long as the faces form an angle smaller than has been predefined (you can specify this angle in Results Options BorderAngle in the Right buttons menu).
  • Hidden Boundaries: The same as before, but here the edges that are behind the volumes, surfaces and cuts are removed.
  • All Lines: All the lines of surface elements are drawn. When drawing volumes, GiD only draws the surface/boundary elements of this volume mesh. How GiD can draw these interior elements is explained below. Each volume, surface and cut is drawn with its own colors.
  • Hidden Lines: The same as before, but here the lines that are behind the volumes, surfaces and cuts are removed.
  • Body: The elements of volumes, surfaces and cuts, are drawn in filled mode, i.e. they are drawn as solid elements. Each volume, surface and cut is drawn with its own colors. It can be very hard to recognize the shape of the meshes if no illumination is active.
  • Body Boundaries: Same as before, but with Hidden Boundaries drawn too.
  • Body Lines: Same as before, but with Hidden Lines drawn too.
  • Points: The nodes of the meshes are drawn.
  • Points Bound: Same as before, but with Boundaries drawn too.
  • Any: Different styles has been set for each mesh.


Display Style:


Hidden Boundaries

All Lines

Hidden Lines


Body Lines


Points Bound

With the Render menu you can select how the mesh should be displayed:

  • Normal - no lighting;
  • Flat - lighting with sharpened edges;
  • Smooth - lighting with smoothed edges.

Near the Culling label, you can choose whether the Front Faces or Back Faces are culled, i.e. not drawn, or No Faces are culled. This option is useful for looking at volume meshes, etc.


Culling Style:

No Faces

Front Faces

Back Faces

Both geometry and mesh conditions can also be drawn if they are present in preprocess.

The following two options can be changed separately for each mesh/set/cut:

Massive lets you see the elements that are inside a volume mesh, and draw all the vectors inside a volume/surface/cut when a Boundaries display style is used.

Transparent determines whether the volumes/surfaces/cuts will be drawn as transparent or opaque, so that, for instance, isosurfaces inside them can be viewed easily.

display stylePost-processing select meshes/sets/cutsselect meshes/sets/cutsBoundarieshidden boundariesLinesHidden linesbodybody with boundariesbody with linesPost-processing transparentPost-processing opaquePost-processing renderPost-processing cullingPost-processing change light vectorPost-processing Fast-rotationcolor selectionchanging mesh colorchanging set colorchanging cut color