Menu: Window->Create statistical result...

This window allows the user to create a statistical result from previous results.

User can choose between several operators:

  • minimum
  • maximum
  • average
  • accumulated
  • standard deviation
  • integral value (with an option to add an initial value for step 0.0, if it is not present in the analysis)
  • root mean square

The new result will be created at the last step of the analysis, in which each nodal value will be the minimum, maximum, average, accumulated, standard deviation, integral or root mean square, of all the values at that node for all the selected steps of the analysis. When integral value operator is selected some options can be set just clicking the options button.

The name of this new result can also be defined in this window.

root mean square=sqrt(1/n*(v1^2+...+vn^2)